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eXpressionist graffiti / graffiti expressionniste

The work of Nuno de Matos (alias Matox) is inspired by the graffitis of the streets of the bairro alto of Lisbon (Portugal), also of the Barri Gotic of Barcelona (Catalunya - Spain) of the 90S. These influences are the roots of a large work based in the lines, and the mixes of those lines. Nuno de Matox realise those paintings during action graffiting sessions.

Post graffiti // Barcelona Project

Expressionist graffiti- action graffiting series - matox 2008

 vidéo on https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VfGcC6XxU68


Abstract post graffiti // Catalunya // Barcelona

Post Graffiti Lisboa // Graffiti showcase Paris

arabesk graffiti

Urban graffiti art, neograffiti, post graffiti abstrait, video graffiti, light painting, action painting

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